It's Here!!

It's Here!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Here it is!!

"While doing some solo training I saw the relationship between the shoulder of my racket arm and the point of impact of the racket with the ball. I realised that if I had my racket prepared and could move my body to a position so that the ball was perpendicular to my shoulder it would go where I wanted it to almost every time. I also started to understand the reasons why the ball had not gone to where I wanted it to. This understanding is what  I have tried to explain in this book". 

"The ideas in this book have come from a constant and ongoing learning process that seems to have no end. It is the result of collecting ideas from many different people over the years, playing and watching hundreds of games of squash, and trying to understand and put together the many different details that make up squash". 

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